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Privacy policy

Produits Horizon respects your right to confidentiality!


We are committed to preserving the confidentiality of your personal information. This includes updating our Privacy Policy, so you are well informed. Check back from time to time to see what’s new. You can browse the [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] site without registering or providing any personal information, but you will need to register to do so. The collection of personal information is necessary to process your purchase. No personal information is collected unless you provide it to us. We respect your right to confidentiality at all times, whether you visit our sites in search of information. Our policy regarding the collection and use of data on the website is presented to you in the general statement that follows. By using this site, you indicate that you have accepted this policy. Please refer to our Terms of Use for a legal explanation of our policies.

General statement

Any information provided through the site [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] will not be disclosed to any third party without your explicit permission. The site [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] collects “personal information” about you only when you knowingly transmit it to us. Your information will allow us to personalize your experience using the [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] website. They may also be used for the purposes indicated in the section that will ask you for this type of information.

What does “personal information” mean?

“Personal information” is information that can be used explicitly to identify you or to communicate with you. This type of information may include, for example: your name, your email address, your postal address, your telephone number, your credit card number, etc. The site [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] may occasionally ask you for personal information when you register to make purchases, to participate in a contest, to obtain discounts or to take advantage of our promotions or our services that require registration or a subscription. The site [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] must collect this information to process an order, to provide a price and to verify whether the policies of [PRODUITSHORIZON.COM] are respected. It must also do so to ensure that federal, provincial/state and municipal laws are followed, as well as for editorial purposes and solicitation of comments. Knowing this will help you decide whether or not you wish to provide us with this information.

Systematic verification

We ask for your name, address and contact information so that we can properly process your purchase and be able to contact you if we have any questions about it. We request information about your credit card in order to complete your purchase and give this information to the company or companies that process your payments. We do not transmit any other information to third parties, except when your contact details or order information are necessary to process your purchase. We do not trade or sell email addresses.


We ask for your name, an email address and information to establish your user profile. We will only use this information to respond to your requests. We do not trade or sell email addresses.


We ask for your name and email address, as well as information that will help us better answer your questions. We do not forward questions and comments received through the Help section to any other company and do not trade or sell email addresses.

Other information collected about people who visit our site

We always seek to maintain the integrity of our site and make improvements. It is for this purpose that we collect and analyze certain information about how people use our site. When you visit our site, we sometimes collect various types of technical data, which we store in aggregated and flagged form.


We also use “cookies”. Cookies are small files that our server stores on visitors’ computers to make it easier for visitors to communicate and interact with our site and to give us important information about how they use the site.

Internet Protocol Addresses

Your protocol (IP) address allows you to locate your computer on the Internet. We use it to help us manage our website. Your IP address allows us to identify you and collect broad demographic information in order to improve our site and services.

Storage of collected information

We take reasonable precautions to ensure the confidentiality of information transmitted by visitors to the site and that of information stored on our servers. We use the SSL security protocol to transmit data to our servers during the opening of a session and the validation of an order. Despite these efforts, however, we may not be able to prevent a third party from accessing this information. We are therefore in no way responsible for this.


Occasionally we provide links to other sites that may be of interest to you. These sites operate independently of the Horizon Products site and have established their own policy for the protection and security of personal information. To have the best virtual experience possible, we encourage you to read this policy on each site you visit.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or our use of your personal information, please send us an email request to [email protected].