Jeremiah Hamilton
Professional Fly-Fisherman

I've been Fly fishing all my life. Both my parents loved to fish so it was inevitable that it rubbed off me. It’s been a passion and obsession since… For the last two years, I trained with the best and have shared what i have learned with my teammates so they grow along with me.

Thanks to the LittleFly team for their support! My favorite gear is the Mosquito Net Jacket... I love it!  Visit my facebook page for more information about me.

Supervisor at ZeroMoskito and Director at NaïtUp Canada is an online store that offers upscale quality products.

We are outdoor enthusiasts and we like to use high quality products that are truly effective against mosquitoes.  We tested all of our items in different situations and conditions. We have selected each product for manufacturing quality, comfort and safety.  Do not miss your most beautiful moments of leisure and choose zeromoskito products!

Natural bug repellent

All of our "Citrobug" products are non toxic and ideal for the whole family. Our star product, the Citrobug mosquito repellent, is recommended by health professionals because of its non-toxicity compared to products containing DEET that are highly toxic! Citrobug is ideal for the whole family and the kids love it. The Citrobug products may also be applied in combination with other products such as sunscreens without any danger.




Zero Moskito is an online store that offers quality products for the outdoors.

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